What is Turbocharger & Supercharger?

You are here on this blog post because you are willing to know about the Turbocharger and Supercharger. We all know that both of them increases the power of vehicle output. But to know the difference between Turbocharger and Supercharger and to know how do they work. Lets dive into the post!

Turbocharger vs Supercharger

Before defining both, It must be clear to you that Turbocharger and Supercharger are known as Forced Induction System where air is compressed forcefully and then supplied to the engine's cylinder to increase the efficiency.

What is Turbocharger? 

Turbocharger does the same work/function as a Supercharger do. But his method of getting power to do operation is different.

Turbocharger gets connected on the exhaust side of the engine and get power from the exhaust gases. Exhaust gases contains enormous heat energy and this heat energy drives the turbine and then turbine drives the compressor. In this way atmospheric air get compressed and supplied to the engine's cylinder. This is effective at high altitudes/heights where all other normal engines doesn't perform sufficient operation and experience more difficulty. These also have smog altering devices which reduces the carbon emission to atmospheres.

A typical S.I. engine may harness up to 30% of energy from the fuel to do the primary work of vehicle moving and the rest energy i.e. 70% get lost to the environment in the following defined ways-
- 7% energy to friction
- 9% to the air
- 16% to cooling system
- 38% to exhaust gases

It works more efficiently on high speed and can spins up to 150K i.e.1,50,000 RPM.

Methods of Turbocharging-

  1. Miller Turbocharging
  2. Constant Pressure Turbocharging
  3. 2-Stage Turbocharging
  4. Pulse Turbocharging
  5. Pulse Convertor
  6. Hyperbar Turbocharging

Types of Turbocharger-

  1. Single Turbo
  2. Twin Turbo
  3. Twin Scroll Turbo
  4. Variable Geometry Turbo
  5. Variable Twin Scroll Turbo
  6. Electric Turbo

What is Supercharger?

Supercharger function is same as the Turbocharger, but the source of power to perform the operation is different. Supercharger is directly connected to the engine with the help of belt.

This gets installed on the top of the engine and get power from the engine's crankshaft to perform the operation. These are also effective at high altitudes/heights. These can work on low RPM and its spin speed is 50K i.e. 50,000 RPM.
Supercharger is the best way to increase your vehicle hp i.e. Horsepower and their performance. These can add on up to 46% of more horsepower to the vehicle.

Types of Supercharger-

Below mentioned Superchargers are used for supercharging the engines-

  1. Centrifugal Compressor
  2. Vane Blower
  3. Roots Blower
  4. Lysholm Compressor
  5. Reciprocating Compressor

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